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An innovative, specially designed linkage that enhances a valve’s equal percentage flow characteristic providing rapid response to load changes and accurate, stable control of water, steam and common energy transfer fluids in a variety of demanding industrial and commercial applications.



Common applications for the AmurAct are steam, water loads for industrial water heaters, heat exchangers and energy coils.  Due to their stainless steel construction the AmurAct also thrives in the wild!  Outdoor applications such as lumber drying kilns are a natural with the NEMA 4X option.  The AmurAct easily adapts to the hot and arid plains.  With the LE option, AmurAct is capable of taking hot transfer oils and super heated steam up to 800°F.


AMA Series:  Is the breed defined for high temperature and robust blending.  A 3-Way flanged steel valve with ANSI 150 or 300 Lb. ratings, this rugged design was made to perform where others cannot.  Available in multiple port sizes for finely tuned flows in sizes from ½” through 2”.

AMB Series:  Is the breed defined for a wide range of compact 2-Way and 3-Way applications.  Available in bronze or CF8M bodies, this NPT end design is chocked full of design choices, from five different kinds of hard and soft trim to Cv’s ranging from 0.25 up to 40…from ½” through 2”.

AMC Series:  Is the breed defined that excels in higher capacity flows with a wide range of 2-Way and 3-Way applications.  This cast iron flanged body is available in sizes from 2-1/2” to 4”, depending on profile.  Various balanced trim designs help achieve incredible close off performance for such a compact actuator.

AMD Series:  Is the breed defined for high temperature flow and pressure control.  This 2-Way steel valve with ANSI 150 or 300 Lb. ratings includes a bolted bonnet and cage retained seat for maximum durability and ease of long term maintenance.  End connection options are flanged, NPT or socket weld.  An optional extension bonnet will accommodate the highest temperature applications possible for electric actuation.  A rugged performer, available in multiple port sizes for finely tuned flows in sizes from ½” through 2”.


Please review the appropriate Product Specification below for each Series of AmurAct.  You will also find the AmurAct brochure and the Installation, Operation & Maintenance Instructions attached.


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