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Pressure Independent Control Valve



Warren Controls Pressure Independent Control Valve with the authority to maximize stability, efficiency and energy savings.



  • 2-½ to 10 in.


  • ANSI 125 Lb. RF Flanges


  • Cast Iron

Trim Designs:

  • T23 – Single Seat Cylinder Balanced, ANSI Class lll Leakage;
  • T22 and 472 – Double Seat Balanced, ANSI Class lll Leakage

Trim Material:

  • Bronze or 300 Series Stainless Steel; EPDM Seal (T23 w/Bronze Trim); Fluoraz Seal (T23 w/Stainless Steel Trim)


  • Chilled Water Typical, Water or Water/Glycol from 35°F to 80°F (2°C to 82°C)

Trim Limit:

  • Stainless Steel: Max Flowing Differential Pressure, 150 PSIG (10.3 BARG);
  • Bronze: Max Flowing Differential Pressure, 100 PSIG (6.9 BARG)


Per Product Specification:

The Series PICV (Pressure Independent Control Valve) consists of two functional controlling segments.  The first segment is a pressure-balanced control valve, actuated by a high-thrust electric motor actuator.  The electric actuator provides precise positioning of the valve closure mechanism, and responds quickly and precisely to the electronic control signals supplied to them.  The second segment is a differential pressure control valve that operates independently of the control segment.  This segment is self-powered (self operating) and does not burden or interact with the building automation control system.  By quickly raising or lowering its own resistance to flow, the differential pressure control segment of the PICV regulates and stabilizes the pressure drop across the control valve segment by absorbing unused head pressure.  This compensates for changes in pumping pressure resulting from pump switching or from varying flow demands in its’ own, or parallel flow paths and results in pressure independent operation.


Please review the attached documents below for further data on the PICV.


The PICV Configuration page and the PICV Sizing & Selection pages are located in the Product Specification.


Please complete the attached sizing sheet below for proper control valve selection.  Fax or email us the sizing sheet with your contact information for an estimate.


Contact us at (800) 921-6761 or Sales@Midwas.com with any questions.