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3800 Series



Warren Controls 3800 Series Rotary Globe Control Valves incorporate the time-tested and proven Segmented Ball—Eccentric Geometry design (E-Ball), combining exceptionally tight control and rangeability (100:1), with superior trim wear characteristics inherent with the eccentric design.

Available as completely automated valve assemblies with the highest quality actuators and accessories or as bare stem product ready for your automation needs, the 3800 Series comes in a wide variety of standard options for body/trim materials and construction builds, from Class IV to Class VI shut off. 

The ever-popular TTZ Ceramic Trim is an off-the-shelf choice for erosive or corrosive fluids and a vast array of custom alloys can be selected for custom construction, engineered to your specific application needs.

Size Range: 1" - 8"


  • 2-Way Rotary (flow to open / flow to close)


Key Features:

    • Body: CB, CF8M, Custom Alloys
    • Trim: 316 SST, Alloy 6, Ceramic, TFE, PEEK
    • Class: 300
    • Ends: 150, 300 RF flg
    • Cv: up to 1420
    • Temp: -20° to 800°F
    • Shutoff: Class IV, IV+, VI
    • Rangeability: 100:1