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2800 Series



Warren Controls Series 2800 Precision Globe Control Valves feature rugged bronze or stainless steel bodies with a variety of trim materials and port sizes. The equal percentage and linear plugs in the 2-way valves and linear plugs in the 3-way valves provide excellent modulating control of a wide variety of fluids for pressure, temperature, level, and flow applications from -20° to 500°F.

The Series 2800 is ideally suited where value and long life are important objectives for applications, including but not limited to the Chemical, Food & Beverage, General Service, Refining, District Energy, and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Size Range: 1/2" - 2"


  • 2-Way Unbalanced
  • 2-Way Low Flow
  • 3-Way Mixing
  • 3-Way Diverting


Key Features:

    • Body: Bronze, CF8M
    • Trim: 316 SST, Alloy 6, Bronze, TFE, Peek, 17-4pH
    • Class: 250 & 300
    • Ends: Buttweld, NPT
    • Cv: up to 40
    • Temp: -20°F to 500°F
    • Shutoff: Class III, IV, VI
    • Rangeability: 50:1